Holiday Makeup + Beauty Products You'll Love This December

MAKEUP  ·  10 DEC 2011


Beautiful party makeup you'll want to wear this holiday season

Heading to yet another holiday party? Be pretty and polished in no time flat with my time-trusted holiday makeup, skin, and haircare beauty products ...

LIERAC PARIS Concentré Mésolift Perfect for post-holiday parties, apply this lightweight serum under your eyes throughout the next day to brighten and refresh the area … the best alternative to a cold facial mask

SHAFFALI SKINCARE Lavender + Turmeric Facial Cleanse I was on an aggressive retinol regime and my dermatologist recommended a few sensitive skin products I could try. After I used four "sensitive-skin tested" cleansers and they still burned as I washed my face, I almost gave up hope. Then, a good friend of mine recommended the Ayurvedic skin care brand Shaffali for its natural ingredients. This natural cleanser doesn't irritate my skin in the slightest and it even takes off my eye makeup.

BARE ESCENTUALS Eyeshadow 8.0 Cocktail Hour Palette Girls get ready for easy evening makeup! I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I'm always applying makeup on-the-go. This eyeshadow palette from Bare Escentuals rocks: it's super thin (easily fits into any purse) and has eight completely different shades. 

REDKEN All Soft Argan-6 My winter must-have! Flyaway hairs are even more prevalent when you wrap a wool scarf around your neck. So every morning before I leave the house I dab a little on my hair to keep hair frizz at bay.

MAYBELLINE Glisten Up Pink 815 and Fruit Punch 825 I’m not convinced that I can pull off a red lip, but I’m over the moon for a bold pink hue and these are my two of my favorites.

SMASHBOX Longwear Lip Gloss SPF 15 in Nonstop: After spending an hour in Sephora last week trying on copious shades of red lipsticks, stains, and balms, I unfortunately left the store with no success. Then, this glossy and glittery lip gloss from Smashbox landed on my desk. It's a blend of fuchsia and red hues with loads and loads of glitter.

TALIKA PARIS Smile & Kiss Before I put on a sassy lipcolor I use this dual-use product from Talika. One side brightens and removes superficial teeth stains, while the plumper is perfect for achieving a big, sassy pout.