StyleBomb Approved: Pink Lipstick Shades For Fair Skin

MAKEUP  ·  05 FEB 2010


The Best Pink Lipstick Shades For Fair Skin

It's no surprise I'm obsessed with pink lipstick, magenta lip gloss, or any other lip balm that adds a rosy hue to my pout. Though, it wasn't until I cleaned out my beauty cabinet that I realized that I had a problem. I owned 17 pink lipsticks and lip glosses. 17?!? That number is simply outrageous.

Since I have quite fair skin and light coloring generally, pink lipsticks tend to work much better for me than browns, plums, reds, or corals. But again, 17 lip products in the same pink color spectrum is way too many. It certainly won't warrant any Guinness World Records and I'm sure my beauty editor friends have WAYYY more than me, but in the interest of living a more minimalist lifestyle I began tossing.

Here are my five trusted favorites, in no particular order. I stuck to pale pink hues with cool undertones and hot pink shades with more violet shades than coral or red.

ILLAMASQUA 'LIV' LIGHT PINK MATTE LIPSTICK This lipstick color is a bit of a hybrid between light pink and lavender and has a matte finish. For me it’s not an everyday shade, but more for afternoons strolling Soho or the East Village. 

GIORGIO ARMANI 'PINK 504' I am devastated I can't find this Giorgio Armani light pink lip gloss anywhere, but luckily the brand is making a similar version with equal amounts of gloss and shimmer.

NARS 'ANGELIKA' HOT PINK LIP GLOSS This brighter than bright pink lip gloss is one to wear when you want to make a statement. It has a thicker consistency than the Giorgio Armani lip gloss, but has a far richer color profile.

VICTORIA'S SECRET BEAUTY 'POSE' COLOR LUST LIP LACQUER I've mentioned in other beauty blog posts that nothing seems to take off this hot pink lip gloss. This long-lasting gloss will most definitely last from your morning cappuccino to your afternoon tea break.

WET N WILD 'DOLLHOUSE PINK' LIPSTICK This lipstick has a proper neon pink color, and is probably my favorite out of the bunch for its shade and texture. It doesn't last as long as the Victoria Secret lip gloss, but I can't resist the Barbie meets Elle Woods pink hue.