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NAILS  ·  25 JUL 2013


Bright Now: New Summer Nail Polish Colors

These colorful nail polishes are perfect for the summer. I spent most of last year only wearing ESSIE MADEMOISELLE on my feet (a pale pink color usually gives a pedicure a longer-lasting look, as there's not such a strong color contrast), but I decided to mix it up by painting my toes a bold color instead. I started with a neon pink and loved looking down at a colorful splash of color. Then, I thought why not take it one step further with MATTESE ELITE Blue Crackalacquer in blue, now my toes are all but a festival of colored brights.


Speaking of changing up, I spent all of last year rocking ILLAMASQUA in Lament and loved the coral shade, especially when the weather was awful and I craved colorful digits. I almost always have a crazy color on my fingers, but wanted to find a gray nail polish that looked good against my skin tone. Last fall, I tried almost every “trendy” new gray and all the colors made my hands look kinda cold and creepy. Then, I picked up MATTÉSE NYC Consigliere and have fallen in love - the color is tres chic! I always wear so much color in my wardrobe that sometimes I love throwing in a neutral colored manicure to balance it all out.

What summer nail polish colors do you love for warm-weather manicures?
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Jen xx