The Must-Have Makeup Products In My Handbag

ROUNDUP  ·  02 MARCH 2013


My Must-Haves: RGB Nail Polish, Baume de Rose, & More

RGB WHITE NAIL POLISH I'm convinced this is the best nail polish on the planet. One, for its color consistency (the texture is quite opaque) and two, the chip-resistant polish lasts for two weeks. Plus, it's made without all those nasty nail polish chemicals.

MELANIE AULD ‘ROXY’ GOLD SPIKE NECKLACE I must wear this necklace everyday, or close to it (I layer it with other styles I’m wearing).  I keep this spike necklace and this crystal gold chain from Dannijo in my makeup bag, just in case I ever needs some extra bling when I’m out and about.

BY TERRY BAUME DE ROSE I was given this ultra-hydrating lip moisturizer over the summer and now I swear by it. Baume de Rose has a lightweight texture, SPF 15, and glides on to deliver a soft and silky pout.

MEZZMER ‘DOLLY’ TORTOISESHELL SUNGLASSES I am obsessed with sunglasses almost as much as I am with smoking slippers. I can never have enough.  Next pair on the list is Mezzmer's gold and bright pink aviators (they’re perfect in every way), plus each purchase benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

TALIKA PARIS EYEBROW LIPOCILS If you follow @stylebomb on Twitter, then you undoubtedly read the banter between me and Courtney from @SobbingonFifth about my horrific eyebrow wax appointment that left me channeling Drew Barrymore circa 1995. I booked an appointment at Bliss57 after I couldn’t get in at the Anastasia Brow Studio on 49th & 5th – what a colossal mistake. After my appointment, my eyebrows were so thin and arched they sat above the rim of my sunglasses. Thank god a friend recommended Talika Paris. Lipocils has been a miracle product for encouraging more eyebrow hair growth and I’m seeing new hairs pop up that haven’t been around for years.

GRAPHIC IMAGE METALLIC SILVER DATEBOOK I've been using Graphic Image’s snazzy date books for years. While all my appointments are in iCal, this book is where I keep track of all the good stuff, such as upcoming stories, ideas, and lists of new designers I want to feature.