Luxury Skin Care Brand From Savannah, Georgia

SKINCARE  ·  20 FEB 2016


Sapelo: A Luxury Skin care Brand From The Heart Of The South

Being a beauty-industry veteran bestowed with temperamental skin means few new brands and collections excite me. (I know, I'm a bit of a cynic) Typically, only a handful of products make it onto my skin, except for Nuxe, Eve Lom, Korres and Nars'. That is until I received a sweet email from the lovely ladies at SAPELO SKIN CARE. They got my contact information from a previous colleague of mine and wondered if I would be interested in trying their new beauty line and I happily obliged.  Learning more about the brand, scientific research, and the thoughtfulness that went into every aspect of this launch, I quickly realized this is not another "Luxury Skin Care Line." Sapelo is the real deal...


Based in Savannah, Georgia and inspired by the salt marshes in the region, the ingredients are sourced locally from plant and marine botanicals. The three-step 28-Day Recovery System was created to combat pollution and hormone-ravaged skin and encourage healthy rejuvenation. The natural ingredients behave in a similar action to the daily tides on the coast of Georgia. The water-soluble serum "floods" the skin with moisture, while the vitamins and minerals in the Rejuvenating Cream and Softening Emollient further saturate the area. The result? Ridiculously soft and glowing skin.


I have found SAPELO's luxury line particularly helpful in combating my ever-changing skin. I don't know if it's Britain's notoriously hard water, stress, or, quite simply age, but my skin doesn't behave like it used to. Sometimes it's oily, but more often than not, it is dry (my mother warned me this would happen). So, while many of my classic moisturizers no longer do the trick, Sapelo's three-step collection lets me tailor how much hydration my wonky skin needs for the day or night.