Winter Skin Care Tips: Best Products For The Season

SKINCARE  ·  5 NOV 2011


How To Take Care Of Your Skin In The Winter

Are winter conditions wrecking havoc on your skin? Jack Frost, reindeer, and peppermint hot cocoa – these are all good things about winter –unfortunately, your skin doesn’t benefit from reruns of Miracle on 34th St and mugs full of SwissMiss. So to combat the problem of dry and sensitive winter skin, below are my ABSOLUTE favorite products to use after the first snowfall of the season. Winter Skin Care Tips:

Shu Uemura’s White Recovery Brightening Cleansing Oil is perfect for sensitive and combination skin. It gently removes makeup and has a vitamin C derivative to help brighten skin

Dior’s Instant Eye Remover is so far the only makeup remover I’ve used that fully removes waterproof eyeliner and mascara and is ideal for (truly) sensitive eyes.

Whenever I feel like treating myself, I head to Bloomingdales (now also available at Sephora) and pick up Facial Treatment Essence by SK-II. I’ve been using this every winter since I was 20 and my skin can always tell a difference. It brightens my face overnight and makes my skin tone appear more even and refined (I have extremely large pores combined with oily skin, the ultimate double whammy).

While I especially love to use it during the winter, I use Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream from Bliss all throughout the year. It’s a no-frills, eye cream that boasts antioxidants like grapeseed oil and vitamin E, but the reason I love it most is that it’s a superstar moisturizer I can use all over the eye area.

Ice Hotel Photography by Xavier Dachez