Healthy Living Habits in NYC

HEALTH + FITNESS  ·  11 OCT 2011


A Handful of Healthy Living Habits For NYC And Beyond...

I'm not a huge advocate of New Year's resolutions, opting instead for healthy living habits throughout the year. While that may sound a little Tony Robbins-ish, I find it's the best approach for keeping me on point.

I've spent the majority of my life committed to making healthy decisions, which were partially influenced by the gym bunny habits of my Dad and his partner, and the high cholesterol that plagues both sides of my family.

'...when you live in a city like New York, it's easy to get distracted...'

However, when you live in a city like New York, it's easy to get distracted with super important things like late night pad thai dinners at Lovely Day or blood orange margaritas at Mad Dogs & Beans.  Of course, everything can be done in moderation, but sometimes your body just needs a reset, and six weeks ago I needed just that.

'...stop stressing the small stuff.'

One of the goals I had set for myself was to stop stressing the small stuff (like annoying emails and looming deadlines). Instead, I opted for more beneficial healthy living habits like acupuncture, meditation, and regular adjustments from Dr. Levine at 20 East Chiropractic of Midtown (one of the nicest men alive and one helluva chiropractor). I also switched up my gym routine, trying the new ShockWave class at Equinox. Granted, I was nervous (it's race-based, and I usually keep to the corner of dark spinning classes), but thought a physical challenge was in order to get more body parts moving.  Turns out that a little rowing in the gym works wonders for my rowboating skills on Montauk's Fort Pond.

'I now realize that not all cleanses are created equal...'

My last goal was to de-wonkify my body.  I won't bore you with the arsenal of issues I was facing, but knew I had to get back to the basics. Let me first say, I didn't believe in cleanses. I never understood the whole juice thing that celebrities rave about, or the lemon-water-cayenne detox, but after a chance encounter with Dr. Frank Lipman, I now realize that not all cleanses are created equal.  Less about starving yourself, and more about restoring your energy and vitality, his regimen of shakes, supplements and gluten-free meals were exactly the reset I needed. Post his cleanse my body was feeling better than it had in a long, long time.

What do you do to unwind and reset? I'd love to hear from you, give me a shout @stylebomb